you think I don't know

that was very one sided

My 2¢: Personally, I think McCain barely held his own. He was all over the place and misquoting himself and outright lying about his past decisions.

What did you get from the McCain/Obama debate?

and people wonder why I don't sleep

In my musings and wanderings around livejournal I found wtf_omgz. It's not what you'd call work safe. Probably not safe for the home either. Can't really think of anywhere it would be safe really but that's not the point. My curiosity being what it is promoted this thought and I only listed the community for comparative purposes.

Do you know of, or can you find, a more offensive and/or disgusting community than that?
lost my hat

a little embarrassed here

Quite often I'll kick back on my bed, stretched out on the mattress, and watch television. As the little box fills my head with lies I'll stretch my legs out and sometimes rest a foot up on the wall nearby. Occasionally I'll let my foot swing back and forth from there and this most recent time brings us to the following question.

Have you ever managed to kick yourself in the nuts?
guess it's time to get serious

can't see the forest for the trees

It had to be pointed out to me before I accepted it myself but apparently the United States falls behind a bit in the sexual arena. Outside of our borders, what is and what isn't considered to be sex is not so limited. Whereas within, Americans largely view physical pleasure not involving intercourse as not being sex.

1) Do you think sex absolutely must have intercourse as a necessary component?
2) If you don't, then if lesbians aren't having sex what exactly are they doing?
3) Why do you suppose people don't view cunnilingus & fellatio as being sex?
driving maniac

do not attempt to adjust your sets...

...and do not consult any databases. This is to go from your memory alone, to test the extent of your inherent geekiness:

You can list the number if you like but I'd prefer you include the names as well. How many alien species, from whatever fandoms you're familiar with, can you list off the top of your head?

Marijuana questions

I know that I am going to probably get a lot of flack for this but keep in mind that you don't know me and therefore do not know my reasons for starting and secondly, I am trying to quit so I am trying to do better. Don't critize please.

1. Has anyone here quit before? What did you do to help yourself?

2. Is there anyone here who smoked pot for a while before having a child? Did you have any problems conceiving?

I have been smoking for about a year now and I want to quit so that I can have a baby and finally grow up. It's not easy when my husband smokes it, too.